Omis and Cetina river Croatia

Omiš has always been known for its pirates. The fortress they built in the 13th century is still standing above the town, overlooking its piece of Adriatic and nearby islands…

Located at the mouth of the Cetina river (the longest in Croatia), surrounded by hills and the sea, this town and its vicinity have so much to offer. Thanks to Cetina and its canyon, Omiš is a mecca for people looking for an active holiday – rock climbing, zip-lining, paragliding, rafting –  you name it – Omiš has it!

The scenic winding road from Split to Omiš which follows the waterline so closely is a special experience. One gets a close up of beautiful pebble beaches and charming fishing villages…

Distance from Split: 25 km

Tour prices

2 hr walking tour: € 80 + any entrance fees + transportation if needed

Entrance fees

Mirabela fortress € 3 per person