Bol island of Brac, Croatia

Croatia boasts over a thousand islands. Can you imagine visiting Dalmatia and not seeing (stepping on) a single one? Unforgivable!
Brač is the third largest island in the Adriatic (after Krk and Cres in the north). One of the most visited spots on the island is the Golden Cape Beach (Zlatni rat) – such an interesting play of nature! Namely, this beach keeps changing, it curves left or right, depending on a tide. Its length also changes, up to 500m. Golden Cape Beach is located on the south side of the island, in the charming town of Bol (see photos). One can easily spend a day here, sightseeing, enjoying a meal on the waterfront, swimming, shopping…

For those of you who prefer an active holiday, climbing up to the top of Vidova gora (St. Vitus’s Mountain) will be such a treat. At 778m (the highest point of all of our islands) one can see all of the islands and on a clear day even the coast of Italy. The top of the hill is accessible by car as well.
Another interesting location (but only if you’re in for an active day in nature) is Blaca Hermitage. It was founded by the Catholic priests who were running from the Ottoman invaders in the 16th century. They built this complex on the southern side of the island, on a steep cliff some 3,5 km from the sea, thus accessible on foot only. An outstanding architecture, the second largest telescope in Europe and a lot more… Although Blaca is abandoned as a settlement today, it is visited by thousands of visitors each year who get to know its interesting background and history.
When visiting from Split, I recommend planning for a whole day. I mean – why not?

Distance from Split: 30 min by catamaran

Tour prices

Full day tour (10-12 hrs): € 170 + catamaran return ticket (€ 15 per person) + any entrance fees
(includes break for lunch and/or free time for swimming / shopping)

Entrance fees

Blaca Hermitage: € 5 per person

For sightseeing around the island, the transportation has to be arranged. Please note that its cost is not included in the above prices.